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Business Exit Planning

Baby boomer business owners who are considering selling or transitioning ownership of their business will make the most important financial and personal decisions in their lives. Unfortunately, most business owners of this generation procrastinate in making this decision. It’s a fatal flaw that, for most, results in businesses being closed without the owner reaping the rewards of their many years of hard work.


Baby Boomer Business Owner Exit Planning (3BEXP), managed by Charles Woldenberg, Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), provides business owners from the baby boomer generation with business and financial planning strategies to structure a smooth exit transition. 


We are the firm that helps change the lives of business owners, their families and their employees through the power of exit planning.

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Are You Ready to Exit Your Business?

To understand the complexities of preparing a company, and you, for transition, complete the free ExitMap® assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire has 22 questions and produces a comprehensive 12-page summary report. The report ranks your overall preparedness for transition and provides a breakdown of the four major categories of readiness:

  • Financial

  • Planning

  • Profit/revenue, and

  • Operations.


Feedback is generated by a five-factor algorithm measuring the overall importance of the question, along with its urgency, difficulty and ranking of the response. Feedback is also modified by your intended time frame for exit and the current readiness of your management team.


The report is broken down by overall score and preparedness category. A snapshot of each category includes graphs of both the urgency and difficulty sliding scales..

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How 3BEXP’s Services Can Help You

3BEXP’s services can help you with:

  • Analysis of existing business operations and your financial goals

  • Exit planning

  • Preparation of the business for sale

  • Financial planning


3BEXP will educate you about the exit planning process and help you to align your business, personal and financial goals. Taking a holistic approach, we also help you, your teams and your family to implement the exit strategy.

Depending on you and your needs and the choices you make in your exit strategy, 3BEXP manages a team of financial, legal, accounting, counseling and marketing professionals to assist you with preparing your business for sale, finding a buyer or structuring an ownership conversion, and helping you to make the psychological and financial transition to the next stage of your life.


The median age of baby boomer business owners is 66. With more Americans outliving their retirement funds, ensuring you can successfully sell and transition from your business should be a major concern for you.


You will navigate uncharted experiences in your business and personal life. You will need business advisors. You will need Baby Boomer Business Owner Exit Planning.

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