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3BEXP Helps You Plan Your Financial Future

Market Analysis
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Investment Management


Investment management is a cornerstone of a financial plan and should correlate with your future business transition plans. As a CFP®, and investment advisor, we develop short- and long-term strategies for acquiring and disposing of financial portfolio holdings.


We help you manage your investment assets, such as stocks, bonds, certain financial instruments and cash, using a systemized approach that matches your risk tolerance. Managed effectively, portfolios may improve your long-term financial stability and better prepare you for retirement.


Risk Management


3BEXP provides risk management services that identifies potential risks in advance, analyzes them and takes precautionary steps to reduce or curb the risk. As a business owner, you manage risk and strive to mitigate risks of fraud and abuse, general liabilities, employer liabilities, your death or disability, and the loss of a key employee through disability or death.


We help clients obtain:

  • Creditor protection, if needed.

  • Asset insurance.

  • Directors and officers liability insurance.

  • Contingency planning if you cannot run your family business.


Tax Planning


Tax planning is the analysis of a financial plan from a tax perspective. The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency. Through tax planning, all elements of the financial plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Optimally, tax planning results in investing taxable income into different investment avenues to relieve you of tax liability.


We work closely with certified public accountants to help determine which investments makes financial sense for you.


Life Insurance Planning


Life insurance is an important tool that provides liquidity to your family and/or business after you die or upon the death of a business partner. Unfortunately, some businesses and families are left without sufficient capital upon the death of a business owner, partner or family member. For businesses, key man life insurance can provide the operational and financial bridge between the departed leader and finding a replacement. For families, it helps fund household expenses, and provides capital to pay estate taxes.


3BXP can analyze your current policies to determine whether the payouts match your business and family financial goals.



Estate Planning


Estate planning prepares others to undertake the tasks of managing your assets in the event of your incapacitation or death. The planning includes the settlement of estate taxes and the bequest of assets to your heirs.


The benefits of estate planning include:

  • Ensuring your business will be handled the way you desire.

  • Distributing your assets as you intended to provide for your beneficiaries and end-of-life expenses.

  • Providing for significant tax advantages.

  • Minimizing estate taxes and probate fees.

  • Designating charitable gifts.

  • Specifying who you want to look after your last wishes, affairs, and beneficiaries.

  • Providing more of your money in the hands of your beneficiaries.


Our clients are referred to estate planning attorneys. We carefully monitor the process and are involved with managing your financial assets so that they parallel your wishes in your trust.


Retirement Planning


Retirement planning helps you avoid running out of money in retirement. It’s as simple as that.  Your retirement plan helps you calculate the rate of return that you need on your investments to achieve your retirement lifestyle goals. Retirement planning includes identifying income sources, estimating expenses, implementing a savings program, and managing your assets and risk.


3BXP helps clients establish and manage retirement plans that can help you meet your financial goals, including:

  • Profit sharing plans

  • Defined benefit plans

  • Non-qualified deferred compensation

  • Simple IRAs

  • SEP-IRAs

  • Employee stock option plans (ESOPs

  • 401(k) plans

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