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What Is Exit Planning

And Why You

Need It

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3BEXP works with business owners to help them address three key transition goals:

  • Maximize transferable business value if they hold onto it, while positioning successful transfer on exit so that they can harvest the wealth locked in the business;

  • Preparing financially for a lifestyle without the business income; and

  • Planning personally for what they will do after exiting the business.


Exit planning addresses several potential problems that usually prevent owners from achieving better transition succession rates and improving growth sustainability.


The four typical issues that we see include:

  1. TIME: There is not enough time to position the businesses for transition, minimize taxes, or maximize net proceeds. This can result in significantly low net proceeds than the seller would have otherwise earned.

  2. PREPARATION: Unplanned events affect the business and forces the owner into an early and unanticipated exit. Alternatively, an unsolicited offer emerges, but the lack of preparation prevents the owner from harvesting the full value of their business.

  3. DUE DILIGENCE: The business fails to pass the due diligence test to complete the sale.

  4. UNAWARE OF OPTIONS: Owners who tightly control and operate a business may eliminate inside transition options by failing to delegate responsibilities and groom successors within their family or company.  Because a business cannot operate without the owner, it could be undercapitalized or have insufficient cash flow to succeed with an inside option.


​As in any highly successful business, we cannot work alone to accomplish our business goals. 3BEXP works with an agile team of business professionals assist you with the transition process. Our financial, business broker, legal, marketing, human resources and counseling professionals will guide you throughout your transition, strengthening any weaknesses in your operations and personnel to achieve the goal of improving business operations and to prepare you and your family for the implementation of your exit strategy.

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